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Agile consulting

NXT Informatica private limited provides its customers with the best quality of service and provides reliable results on time that are easy and accessible worldwide. NXT is committed to providing its customers with excellent customer service to be their preferred partner at leading academic institutions and industries.


What we do

We offer a range of services including

Biologist doctor checking DNA informations typing on pc

Bioinformatics & NGS

Leading sequencing services with cutting edge research and consulting

Trader analysing financial graph and stock statistics on monitors at his home workplace

Data science

The data science team at our company is unparalleled and we provide expert service

Covid statistics in the world

Pandemic support

NXT offers various services for pandemic support including covid variants using innovative tool

Financial advisor consulting

IT Consulting

Provides flexible and scalable digital transformation services and explore opportunities


The innovative software application for bioinformatics data analysis, NXT OMICS Suite is a revolutionary way to conduct research and discover new insights. The flexible platform offers users an easy-to use interface with powerful features that make it possible o save time when working on big projects or small ones alike!