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NXT SARS-CoV-2 variant detector

Analyze and indentify the covid variants using innovative tool

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NXT Respiratory pathogens mNGS-tool

Detect and Treat Respiratory Pathogens with Omics

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NXT Whole genome sequencing analyzer

Manage whole genome sequencing and analyse

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NXT Cdiff-ribotype-toxin type predictor

Analyze and detect Clostridioides (Clostridium) (C. difficile) Infection

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NXT Next generation Sequencing application

Manage the NGS in whole new level with innovative approach

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No, For research purpose only !

The NXT OMICS suite is developed by NXT Informatics private limited. This is an effort to make analysis more affordable while also assisting developing countries in their research and development. Users of the NXTOMICS suite are solely responsible for their actions. NXT Informatica is not liable for any data loss, incorrect results, or costs, liabilities, or damages caused by the use of an NXT OMICS Suite.

For any inquiries or feedback for this application, to provide a feature request, or to get support, please send an email to info@nxtinformatica.com


about NXT OMICS suite

The NXT OMICS suite is a cutting-edge platform for analyzing, storing, and sharing genomic data. The NXT OMICS suite of applications includes alignment, variant calling, data classification and visualization, and interpretation of results.

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